Thursday, October 9, 2008

adoption woes

Well I've also learned that with adoption, It is never really over. My Son is 4 yrs old, and the biological mom just won't let us live our lives. Just when you're in that calm space in your life and you can handle anything, there the phone rings....even when Our adoption was closed, this mom still wants to call us at the worst possible times. I think to purposely get my life in a upheaval. It's a control thing. She wants to talk to my 4 yr old and tear him up I guess like she does me. He doesn't know her and to hear some woman crying hyst on the phone is not going to happen. anybody out there got any suggestions? Thanks, Lanie


Leslie Laine said...

Hey Lanie - so sorry to hear about this agitating situation. I know it must be hard to be bothered by someone who knows nothing about your son. Know that I'm thinking of you and praying that this will become a less frequent event for you. I certainly hope so anyway.

Much love...


nurse on call said...

Well thats great at least you feel like you have something to work with. The time has come to take action She made her decision 4 years ago. Now it is passed time to let go. Your son has rights too. I hope and pray this puts a stop to her
I always have you and your family in my prays
Miss you