Friday, September 26, 2008

sad days sometimes

Although you feel like a normal human, and you're not going to want to rip someone else's off just because they are constantly rubbing their pregnant tummy, or saying to you, I wish you could just feel this...Yes I know I do want to feel a baby kicking. I never will, and sometimes feeling yours does not in any way shape or form make us feel any better. Unless we ask, don't push your pregnant bellies in our faces. just give us a little space.


Leslie Laine said...

Yes, I agree with you completely. It's amazing how insensitive people are - particularly pregnant people.

I don't want to feel anyone's belly either, and I'm exhausted of hearing about the kicking.

Please, spare me the pain.

So glad to see your post.

Hope2morrow said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'd love to hear more about your adoption. International? Domestic?

I like to feel bellies on my terms though! And I want it to someday be my belly.

Thank you for your support.