Friday, September 26, 2008

Still have blue days

Although most days are great and I've dealt with my infertility issues, I still have days where I want to get up and run screaming from the place. I mean how many baby showers can you possibly attend in your lifetime. I think it should be capped off at 50 or so. least where you wouldn't have to go to the ones where the mom got pregnant just walking in the bedroom or her husband looking at her....I once heard a woman tell another at my work, I'll let you borrow my husband for a while, he doesn't have any problems getting me pregnant. Well no thanks I love my husband very much..I'm the one with the jacked up fallopian tubes and ovaries it's not my husband. It took along time for me to realize that my husband was there for the long haul, whether we had kids are not. He always told me that he could have married someone who could have lots of kids and be miserable or He got me maybe no kids but complete happiness!!! Sometimes I wonder if he really got a fair deal..Just having a sad day. Feel better getting off my chest.

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